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Cross-Stitch News for January

Featured in Cross-Stitch:

Phoenix Queen

By Bella Filipina Designs

“She is ready to conquer the universe. Standing regal and proud, engulfed in flames, rising from the ashes. Strong, transformed, renewed. The Phoenix Queen spreading her scorching wings, brightly as ever, beaming with pride and confidence, soaring.”

Community News:

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Stitch4Pride 2023!

Dee of Dee’s 20 Stitching is challenging stitchers to a year long stitching and learning event for the queer and trans community.

Cultural Heritage Designs:

Easter and Spring Cross-Stitch Patterns – New for 2023

Valentine Cross-Stitch Patterns – New for 2023

Cat Cross-Stitch Patterns – New for 2023

2023 Stitch-A-Longs:

Michaels Framing

141 Design Company Etsy shop finishing displays:

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