Stitch-a-longs aka SALs are a great way to engage fellow stitchers in a more micro setting inside the vast community of cross-stitch. SAL creators will usually have hashtags or Facebook groups so you can share your progress and engage in conversation. Cross-stitch SAL designs are often mysteries with an unusual theme. Pattern releases may span just a few weeks or over the course of a year!

Our roundup is not an exhaustive list however. We feature stitch-a-longs created by the pattern designer, and craftivism SALs, and perhaps other community events.

You will definitely want to also check out Stitching the Night Away a cross-stitch blog by Loretta who began doing these roundups several years ago. She also receives many comments from folx with more community info. Awesome!

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2023 Stitch-A-Longs (SALs)