Cross-Stitch Fundraiser for the Heroic Ukrainian People by Quaternion Creations

The loom weaves, the needle dances cross stitch pattern by Quaternion Creations

Maria of Quaternion Creations reminds us that this February makes it a year since Ukraine was attacked and in fine form she shared this: “To celebrate the heroic Ukrainian people, this month will be all about Slavic mythology. And not only that, but all the proceeds (minus the fees) from the Slavic inspired patterns (see slides) are going to go to the Slava Ukraini charity that operates here in Tallinn and sends masking nets, warm clothes, and supplies to Ukraine.”

The loom weaves, the needle dances design features Mokosh (or Makosh) the Slavic goddess of needlework. She is stylized with folk embroidery motifs, and Maria says the pattern can be stitched with warm, earthy colors or in the traditional red and black. It is a PDF pattern that includes the mythological story of Mokosh.

Maria lives in Estonia which Russia and is a nearby neighbor to Ukraine. One of the things Ukrainians need are masking nets which Maria let know were camouflaged mesh to hide under.


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