Roundup of New Cross-Stitch Patterns

October week 4 roundup of the latest patterns and designer news in the Cross-Stitch community.

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Community News:

Winter / Holidays:

Fall / Halloween:

  • Debra of The French Giraffe added to her 4×4 series with Thanksgiving Thomas Turkey on Etsy
  • Black Waltz Stitching has a cute new Pokémon pattern with Autumn Vulpix on Ko-fi
  • Finally a Farm Girl has another great design with Beaulah’s Autumn Harvest featuring Beaulah the Witch, her house, and lots of happy farm animals, on Etsy or your LNS
  • The Stitched Witch has a great, beginner-friendly pattern on Etsy with It’s Fall Y’all with the words and a few motifs
  • Faye of littledovesamplers added to her Heart of the Seasons with Heart of Autumn on Etsy
  • Fall Wreath is a new pattern from Tiny Modernist that features the words Happy Fall Y’all surrounded by autumn motifs
  • Give Thanks II by Needle Treasures Nook Cross Stitch Turkey is now in their Etsy store
  • Jennifer of Cricklewood Crossing on Etsy says No Crows Allowed in this bright cross-stitch pattern
  • Sam Brie Designs added Gobble Gobble Gobble to Etsy featuring those words and a cute, simple turkey

Stitching with the Housewives:

Pop Culture / Tabletop / Video Games:

  • Etsy shop hunnysHandmade created a Squishmallow pattern with Strawberry Cow which is apparently the most sought after one
  • Live A Life quote from Catch Me If You Can featuring the quote and a plane from Taylor and Cromwell on Etsy
  • KnotalotUK has a new Mini Character Collection with The Wizard of Oz in their Etsy shop
  • Sophie of Cross Stitched Moon listed this cutie Small Totoro to her Etsy shop

Goth / Witchy / Cottagecore:

Subversive / Sweary / Sarcastic:

  • fuchsiahoops says Manifest That Shit includes the words surrounded by tropical plants via Etsy
  • Prudence Kitch is more honest than subversive in this pattern Aesthetic which is about too many houseplants from Stitch By Drey on Etsy
  • Fandom Cross Stitchery has more strong words for the Tories via Etsy


Sentiments / Typography / Alphabets:

  • Ange of fiddlesticksau added This Is Me in a colorful, ombré font with circus motifs on Etsy
  • stitchcraftByFwass is bringing more stitchy goodness with Ailurophile which means cat lover (it me!)

Modern / Contemporary:

  • Something we don’t normally see are maps and Mary Hickmott Designs brings us The Continent of Europe in her Etsy store with a flag border
  • Lacey of The Nerdy Pixeler added Moon Phases to her Etsy shop
  • Science designer Ellie of SpiritLineDesigns added to Etsy Voyager Golden Record phonographs “that contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form who may find them”
  • Maria of Quaternion Creations fully released her beautiful pattern Eternal Goddess part of an ongoing SAL featuring black silhouettes of 11 goddess from around the world
  • TheRetroStitcher added The Wanderer a glitch distortion of Bigfoot to their Etsy shop
  • Etsy shop Stash Stitch Designs has a Blackwork Pattern utilizing backstitch full of cross-stitch motifs

Conventional / Traditional:

Samplers / Primitive / Quaker / Folk Art

Weekly featured Froggo:

20 Tiny Cross Stitch Cute Frogs Set on Etsy

By Lior of TeenyWeenyXStitch

~ What could be better than 20 tiny frogs going about their day!

Best wishes and happy stitches!

Aunt Kelley & Froggy

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