Needlepoint Canvases to Commemorate Queen Elizabeth II

The following is a list of needlepoint canvases that feature Queen Elizabeth II who sat on the English Throne from 1952 – 2022.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8th, 2022. England had just celebrated her Platinum Jubilee of a 70-year reign. Although she was 96, her sudden illness and passing left us in shock. For many, she was always there and seemed like she always would be.

We have compiled a link roundup for stitchers wishing to commemorate the Queen in needlepoint. Fortunately there was a recent batch of new designs because the Platinum Jubilee celebration, so this roundup includes new and older canvases.

Laura Moore of Moore Stitching (US based) has many Queen Elizabeth patterns:

Sarah Helen of Froopy Designs:

Olivia of whatagemneedlepoint via Etsy:

Hook & Harbor Co.: Preorder QEII Needlepoint Canvas

Colors of Praise Needlepoint: says this canvas (MC420) is in stock and to order from your LNS

Jinny Barney McAuliffe of Stitch Style:

Blue Ridge Stitchery has several canvases as well as a whole London series. Look for retailers and trunk shows on their website:

  • Teddy Guardsman pictured on Instagram
  • London Collection pictured on Instagram (currently part of a club, ready for individual purchase soon)
  • Corgi in a Tiara pictured below (only available at Wool & Willow Needlepoint)
  • Larry the Cat (coming soon)

The Classic Stitch is a needlepoint shop in the US with two canvas designs available

Ask your needlepoint shop for these canvases carried by Fleur de Paris Corp:

  • Crown Jewels (LD-7213) Leigh Designs
  • Queen Mum’s Brooch (LD-7227) Leigh Designs

Jeni Sandberg Needlepoint on their website or check out a list of their retailers:

Cabell Stitchery is in the process of painting this canvas for release:

Titch Stitch available on Etsy and ships from the UK:

Kirkland Design Studio:

Royal Post Box Needlepoint Canvas Queen Elizabeth

By: Over The Hill Needlepoint on Etsy

Teresa of Birdie Bouquet on Etsy has three new designs to commemorate Queen Elizabeth:

For more of the latest featured posts as well as resources, you can hop on over to Needlepoint here on Frogging News.

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