Link Roundup of 2022 Needlework Expo Releases

Needlework Expo is an online tradeshow between shops and designers both of which are encouraged to share updates with the public via social media. This year it was held on August 27th – 29th. There were approximately 100 designers of patterns, fabric, floss, and other accoutrements. You can see a full list of exhibitors on the Needlework Expo website.

With so many new releases, it’s certainly easy to miss something or maybe you were overwhelmed like me and didn’t place any preorders. And because there are so many patterns and products, it would be too much to list here on a blog post. However if there’s anything we’re good at here on Frogging News, it’s links.

  • Up first is this Flosstube video from Pam & Steph of Just Keep Stitchin’. Needlework Expo is hosted by Keepsakes a needlework shop in Ohio of which Steph is an employee. And she does a list of the top 10 requested cross-stitch patterns from stitchers at the shop. Keepsakes is also an online shop, so requests can come from anywhere in the world not just locally. The top 10 starts at 1:57:28 if you want to skip to it.
  • Spoiler alert: Hello Halloween Book by Teresa Kogut has been super popular from what I’ve seen. You can see some of the designs on her website. You will have to scroll down a bit. Teresa says: “This book features 11 designs. Six are past Patreon designs and 5 are brand spankin’ new! The book is full color, including the charts.”
  • Anabella’s Shop on Etsy keeps things very organized with categories: see JUST IN & Pre-order/Expo, and Elayne also does a top 12 most popular patterns in her Flosstube which starts at 8:08 in the video.
  • TopKnot Stitcher Shop also has an organized list of all of the new releases on her website on the Needlework Expo 2022 menu item. You can then sort by designer or product.
  • Carolyn of CZookStitch on Flosstube has a two-part video series shopping for Needlework Expo new releases. Carolyn is a part-time employee at Acorns and Threads in Oregon. She is the online shop GaRon Stitchery in her videos of whom she has been long-time friends with.

For more of the latest featured posts as well as resources, you can hop on over to Cross-Stitch here on Frogging News.

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