Roundup of New Cross-Stitch Patterns

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest patterns and designer news in the Cross-Stitch community.

Weekly featured Froggo:

Froggy Adoption ~ Forest Green Small Knit Frog Mohair and Wool on Etsy

By Bailey of Lazy Frog Pond

~ This fully finished, knitted froggo is up for adoption. Not that we normally feature yarnies, but the Frog knows no boundaries. The pattern is by Claire of DotPebbleKnits the one who started this adorable froggy trend.

Community News

  • For designers, makers and others interested in Instagram’s Reels Play Bonus Program, embroidery designer Emily June gives an honest review of the program and spoiler alert: it’s not great
  • I usually do a blanket stitch to finish the back of a hoop, but I liked this simple whip stitch from Hoops and Crosses from their Instagram Reels

Craftivism / Fundraisers

  • Eva of Monsterous Designs offers an abortion rights pattern on Ko-fi with funds from the purchase going to National Network of Abortion Funds

Fall / Winter Holidays

  • Patchy At Best Co has a blackwork tribute to this Christmas movie classic see if you can guess which one on Etsy
  • KEBstudioCreations has a picturesque pattern with this little stone house and trees in their fall colors Autumn House on Etsy
  • Durene Jones added Halloween Cat an ornament and biscornu to Etsy in black with unique colors of yellow and pale blue
  • Rhona Norrie says This witch can be bribed with candy in her Etsy shop
  • Magpies and skulls surround this primitive tree design called All Hallow’s by Donna of StitchXLove on Etsy

Cultural Heritage

  • Maryam of Marroomy Crafts released the last pattern of her Magical Carpet Menagerie Collection called Fussy Rooster on Gumroad

Pop Culture / Tabletop / Video Games

  • Sophie of Cross Stitched Moon has a Star Hollow pattern for you with Luke’s in her Etsy shop
  • Death Note fans might like this Ryuk Cross-Stitch Pattern from Etsy shop Stitch My Pixels
  • Sirithre added a free pattern to Ko-fi with Hades – Boons a video game
  • Stardew Valley Trash Bear says to reduce, reuse, and recycle! from Sew Marie Studio on Ko-fi

Goth / Witchy / Cottagecore

  • Flossy Fox Shop has more cozy cottagecore designs with Autumn Magic in their Etsy shop
  • The Cozy Needle has some pastel goth witchery for you with Crystal Magic (Etsywebshop)
  • Amanda of BAD Stitch released Stitchcraft Volume 2 a group of gothic and creepy patterns on Etsy
  • Dille O’shade is known as an owner of a secret underground casino. Wealthy as a devil as well as treacherous…” a new character pattern from Mama Witch XStitch in her web shop
  • If you’ve been Feeling Strange The Cozy Needle has a gothic pattern for you in their web shop

Subversive / Sweary / Sarcastic

  • The Spicy Stitcher is back with another spicy sentiment Karma’s only a bitch if you are on Etsy
  • Words and Saucery listed Effing About “A modern (very sweary) blackwork embroidery pattern” to Etsy and includes three choices
  • Simply titled Anxiety, Audrey of OblongMeow “Yeah, my anxiety is bad, but at least a bitch is ready” in her Etsy shop

Conventional / Traditional

  • Hands on Design has a sweet summer cheery pattern complete with a custom thread card and cherry charm from your LNS, take a peek on Needlework Retailer’s IG post
  • Needle Treasures Nook has two fall smalls with Hello September and Hello October on Etsy
  • Cross Stitching Art has a new Christmas Snowglobe with Cozy Village at your LNS #NeedleworkRetailer
  • Flosstuber Georgia Girl Stitching creates a few designs of her own on Gumroad like this nautical pattern Fair and Following (day version)

Samplers / Primitive / Quaker / Folk Art

  • The Queen of Hearts is a new Long Dog Sampler and Needlework Retailer has a peek on Instagram
  • Fancy an ABC? Or a challenge? Because Jacob’s latest is 80,000 stitches available on the Modern Folk Embroidery website

Best wishes and happy stitches!

From Aunt Kelley and Froggy

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