Roundup of New Needlepoint Canvases

Welcome to Weekly Wednesdays a roundup of the latest canvases and designer news in the Needlepoint community.

Weekly Featured Canvas:

Needlepoint around the web:

  • Nerrisa of The Bargello Edit is on TikTok teaching bargello basics
  • PieceWork magazine a has great blog post Back to Bargello discussing it’s history and evolution
  • Crude Canvases has a one-way ticket stub to Pound Town in their Etsy shop, it’s also a town in Wisconsin #justsaying
  • Malin of Colors of Praise Needlepoint has another has another IG Reel of new and restocked canvases
  • Here’s a lovely Groovy Girl canvas by Robyn’s Nest and Chris Lewis Distributing, Needlework Retailer gives us a sneak peak on Instagram
  • Beach Towels is a charming new canvas from Alice Peterson Company available at Stitch-Stash (InstagramFacebook) #NeedlworkRetailer
  • Jackie in Green is another beautiful dress canvas by Froopy Needlepoint on their website
  • Head over to VicStitchery’s website to see their new city crests collection
  • Stitch Style Needlepoint has a new collection of Fairytales and Fables, see them on this Instagram Reel
  • Getting gas for your car in 2022… an ornament from Needlepoint by Laura on their website
  • Fire and Iris Designs has a new set of recreational signs this time as coasters
  • Ziggy Stitches has a fun new design with 3D Reese’s Puffs Box, eat it up over on her website
  • A couple of 4 inch rounds are available as preorders from Alice Peterson Company with Christmas Post and Partridge in a Pear Tree, take a look on their Instagram (thanks Needlwork Retailer)
  • Take a look at these ‘classy’ canvases from ThatSaltyStitchShop on Etsy
  • Mary of colors1 just listed two nautical canvases with Whale, Sea Stars and Stripes and Spinnaker Sailing with Rope Border and Flags to her Etsy store
  • And speaking of Patty Paints Needlepoint, Pointing It Out Podcast has an interview with her on YouTube
  • Spring Wheelbarrow with ducks and flowers from Kate Dickerson artist > Shannon Show, Needlework Retailer has a peek for us on Instagram
  • Ooh nice! Needlepoint: A Modern Stitch Directory is a new book by Emma Homent, the publisher has a quick flip-thru in this YouTube video
  • Hey Boo is a Halloween cutie in stock at The Wool and The Floss, take a peek at pattypaintsneedlepoint IG post
  • Take a look at a new collection by Sara Fitz on Instagram and order from your LNS
  • Studio Paca began selling needlepoint mini kits in their Etsy shop of pixelated plants and animals so far

Best wishes and happy stitches!

from Aunt Kelley and Froggy

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