New Hand Embroidery Patterns and Other Updates

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest patterns, designer shenanigans and other news in the Hand Embroidery community.

Weekly featured pattern:

Butterfly embroidery pattern on tulle + video tutorial on Etsy

By Anastasia of whynotstitching

~ Ooh lovely! I’ve been interested in learning how to stitch on tulle and other sheer fabrics.

Hand Embroidery around the web:

  • Etsy shop By Aly Ploof just listed a Summer Citrus Pattern and includes a variety of stitches
  • Kylie of Saint Rogers Street on Etsy has a Pumpkin Embroidery Pattern in repeating motifs
  • whynotstitching on Etsy has an embroidery pattern and tutorial for stitching on tulle
  • Etsy shop HookLineTinker has a new pattern in their minimalist style with I Like the Cut of Your Jib Embroidery Kit
  • Theflossbox has added In the Strawberry Garden Crewel Embroidery Kit to their Etsy shop
  • Stella of Why Knot Stitches just listed Daisy Field to her Etsy shop

Best wishes and happy stitches!

From Aunt Kelley and Froggy

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