New Needlepoint Canvases and Other Updates

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest canvases, designer shenanigans and other news in the Needlepoint community.

Weekly featured canvas:

Don’t Tread On My Uterus

By Jessica Tongel Designs

~ Darn right!

Needlepoint around the web:

  • Crude Canvases created a digital needlepoint chart Abort the Court available on Etsy with half of the proceeds going to Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project
  • Jessica Tongel Designs says Don’t Step On My Uterus with the iconic imagery of the Texas rattlesnake, see the designer’s website or your LNS
  • In the wake of losing Roe vs Wade, Tracy of Alt Stitchery painted a Women’s Rights Tombstone canvas available in her Etsy store
  • Nightowls Needlepoint offers a charted design Granddaughters of the Witches via a link in their Intagram bio
  • Hannah Bass Needlepoint just added Singapore City Map Needlepoint Kit to their website
  • Have you seen the new parade canvas Mermaid Parade by Ashley Dillon-Davis? Available at your LNS and take a look on Needlework Retailer’s Instagram
  • Etsy shop Needlepoint After Dark says I Want to Believe with this alien needlepoint canvas
  • Vintage Fisher Price Family Farm Needlepoint Canvas by Elizabeth of OTHNeedlepoint on Etsy (Aunt Kelley loves retro toy canvases designers make!)
  • Hippies Must Use Back Door (yep, thems are the rulez) by Cabell Stitchery on Etsy
  • Etsy shop LyndaCookDesigns just added a sweet slice of Watermelon with a gingham yellow background
  • Two new marquee canvases from Needlepoint By Laura: Top Gun and Wicked via their website
  • Louise’s Needlework shared a round of brand new canvases in stock on Instagram or Facebook
  • Little Stitch Needleworks created a strap/belt design inspired by the Lycette Needlepoint Palm Beach storefront fretwork who will be carrying the canvas on their website but take a look on LSN’s Instagram
  • Laura of Stitch Rock Designs says she celebrates National Pink Day everyday and shared a look at all of her pink canvases in stock (InstagramFacebook)
  • Two new phrases from KCN Designers: Born in a Barn and Living Under a Rock, check with your LNS and take a look on Instagram or Facebook
  • Etsy shop JODYdesignsNEEDLEPT just listed Sailboat and Beach Pail Heart Hand Painted Needlepoint Ornament
  • Just Here To Bang! (fireworks people, it’s fireworks) by That Salty Stitch Shop on Etsy

Best wishes and happy stitches!

From Aunt Kelley and Froggy

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