Designer Spotlight: The Craft Xperimentalist

Pride Plaid Kits by The Craft Xperimentalist

I’m always on the lookout for cross-stitch designs that are a little unusual, unique, something outside of the norms although those are certainly fine too. Cameron of The Craft Xperimentalist makes a lot of Pride patterns, but it was the Pride Plaids that first caught my eye. Sort of. I’m not sure why, but at first it was easy to these by. After my brain processed it for a bit, I came back to it. Plaids… pride patterns… Plaid Pride! I love it because we definitely don’t see a lot of plaid work in cross-stitch. If this is an experiment, I’d say it’s a keeper.

Here is a closer look at the plaid patterns from their IG. I wonder how long it takes to design these!

From the About page of The Craft Xperimentalist: “Traditional cross stitch is lovely. But have you ever wondered what else is out there, beyond the kits that you might see on your grandmother’s end table? Wondered if there were patterns that bring the art into the next generation and how else you can use the skill of perfecting the letter X?” Indeed I have. So far, I have purchased two patterns by Cameron. HTML Color Hex which I love but kind of hate because of having a website and not being a natural graphic designer and such. I also have Pride Patchwork which is a tad more of a traditional design except for the DMC colors. I have a big selection of DMC floss but was surprised at all of the colors from the pattern that I didn’t have. I definitely appreciate how much work Cameron had to put in when choosing colors for all of the Pride flags!

What else is cool? Their needleminders. The minders are a button-style, but there are two and go back-to-back on the fabric. That way when others see you stitch, they see pretty button on the back instead of just a magnet. The Craft Xperimentalist also sell floss packs in Pride colors like trans, lesbian, gay, etc. I also appreciate the Christmas/winter holiday patterns like Genderqueer Gingerbread and Make the Yuletide Gay (lol love it).

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