New Needlepoint Canvases and Other Updates

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest canvases, designer shenanigans and other news in the Needlepoint community.

Weekly featured canvas:

Retro Rainbow Love Painted Canvas on Etsy

By Megan of NeedlepointAfterDark

~ Agreed.

Needlepoint around the web:

  • New food cart canvases from Greystone NeedlepointPoppy’s Designs Crepe’s CartPoppy’s Designs Gelato Cart, and Poppy’s Designs Lobstah Roll Cart
  • Megan of Needlepoint After Dark on Etsy has three new canvases: LoveWrap it Up, and Read Banned Books
  • Morgan Julia Designs has three new canvases:
    • Ocean Explorer Canvas – a Wes Anderson tribute with a nod to Steve
    • Champagne Disco Canvas & Kit – in partnership with watercolor artist J. Hall Designs
    • Beer Cart Canvas – by The Salty Stitcher
    • A bunch of restocks as well
  • Evergreen Needlepoint is launching their own website on June 15h at
  • Caroline of Cabell Stitchery just listed Vintage Bourbon Street Sign to her Etsy store
  • Deborah of A Dragons Tale Direct added some more highly detailed doggos in her collection of Tiny Critters Small Dogs to her Etsy store
  • Duo Designs By SANDRA on Etsy recently added To The Beach both a painted canvas and a stich guide but sold separately
  • MyPinkSugarLife is Indoorsy (as am I) new on Etsy
  • Judyann Needlepoint added two new USA patriotic canvases to her Etsy shop with Land of the Free and Home of the Brave
  • Ann Kaye Studio just added San Franciso to their map ornament collection on their website
  • Belmead Designs just released a custom nautical flag signal collection over on their website
  • Mariana of Hibiscus Linens is an embroiderer that collabed with Le Point Studio to bring a set of four Dove designs to needlepointers, see them on Le Point’s website
  • Rachel Barri Designs launched self-finishing laptop sleeves that holds up to a 13 inch MacBook on their website
    • And Jenny Henry Designs announced two new canvases to fit the RBD laptop sleeve on their website
  • Crude Canvases is at it again with Decaf is for Pussies (you know, cats) on Etsy

Best wishes and happy stitches!

From Aunt Kelley and Froggy

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