New Hand Embroidery Patterns and Other Updates

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest patterns, designer shenanigans and other news in the Hand Embroidery community.

Weekly featured pattern:

Star Wars Inspired Anakin and Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Beginner Embroidery Pattern on Etsy

By Jessica of JessaMakes

~ Beautiful floral Star Wars inspired designs.

Hand Embroidery around the web:

  • JessaMakes has some beautiful Star Wars lightsaber patterns in her Etsy shop
  • Melissa Galbraith of MCreativeJ shares 4 Easy Transfer Methods for Stitching on Dark Fabric on her website
  • Caitlin of Feronia Embroidery recently added the tropical flower Bird of Paradise to her Etsy shop
  • New from Thais of Particular Embroidery on Etsy is Rainbow Girl and Spring Flowers
  • Shannon of Color Zen Threads on Etsy has a new collection of mosaic animal designs in her shop
  • Emma of Embroidery Shop is new to Etsy has some cottagey mushroom patterns so far
  • Sewbeeeit recently added Highland Cow and Stormy Sunflower Landscape to their Etsy shop
  • Tory of The Barmy Fox is doing another Embroidery Advent Calendar which will include stitching supplies, preorder now and ships in October – see her Etsy shop

Best wishes and happy stitches!

From Aunt Kelley and Froggy

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