Designer Spotlight: The Thing About Nicole

Cross-stitch keeps appearing in the media. Maybe it’s time to have it’s own IMDB profile! It’s latest performance is in The Thing About Pam a true crime miniseries based off of a Dateline episode. Cross-stitch takes on the role of a family tree design there in the background. Alas, always minor roles. Never the main character.

The real star here is Nicole of Spot Colors. A graphic designer and stich artist, Nicole worked in the tv/film industry for 17 years. She said she works on her own business full time now but occasionally does side work like this. Nicole designed and stitched this rather large piece with the hurried pace of television production.

Nicole sells her cross-stitch designs, needleminders, and other stitchy-related products on her website. She works with retailers and takes wholesale orders and even offers a monthly subscription box. Nicole is from New Orleans, is obsessed with The Muppets (me too), and on her About page you can see all of her fur babies which includes a bunny.

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