Cross-Stitch News June Week 1, 2022

Welcome to our roundup of the latest patterns, designer shenanigans and other news in the Cross-Stitch community.

Weekly featured Froggo:

Toadal Mayhem Frog Dice Set on Etsy

By DndDice

~ A little something different for this week since I know a lot of stitchers that also play Dungeons and Dragons.

Cross-Stitch general info:

  • Jamie Chalmers announced the annual Kickstarter for the calendar: XStitch Magazine 2023 Calendar: Duodecad
  • Andrea of Flossy Fox Shop -cozy, magical, and nerdy cross stitch- setup a Ko-fi and offers a free unicorn blackwork design
  • Stephine Rohr of stephxstitch has a new book Self-Care Cross-Stitch: 40 Uplifting and Irreverent Patterns available as preorder at Amazon, Indiebound, and Barnes & Noble
  • Twin Peak Primitives have released Halloween Book 2022 and includes 14 patterns (websiteEtsy)
  • The July theme for the Rag Tag Box by Spot Colors is On That Grind (caffeine related)

Craftivism / Fundraisers

  • Stitchy Rin (nonbinary – they/them) has three new Sailor Moon sets of patterns on their Ko-fi with all proceeds donated to the LGBTQ center of Bay County Florida during Pride Month
  • Week 2 of #stitch4pride2022 challenge! For everyday in June, Dee of dees20stitches on Instagram will share an educational resource about the 2SLBGTIA+ community and will include a stitching challenge prompt

Cultural Heritage

  • Nuri of Shaded Stitchery has a beautiful, new series called The Red Chords Collection and begins with A Rose Is Still a Rose during Black Music Month, learn more on Gumroad and Instagram
  • My favorite, new-to-me Flosstuber is Nitya (pronounced nith-ya) of Daybreak Stitchery who not only shares about her own cultural background but also likes to learn and talk about many cultures and how it pertains to stitching and being a good member of our communities
  • The latest animal pattern from Marroomy Designs is Perky Lion part of her Magical Carpet Menagerie Collection, learn more on Gumroad

Pop Culture

  • Here is a new controller pattern from The Needle and Floss on Etsy Nordic Retro Handheld Game Controller includes the original five color options
  • Sarah of Nerdy Cross Stitch Art just released Bulbasaur Game Boy on Etsy

Goth / Witchy

  • Would you stay at Motel 666? If so, check in with StitchXLove and Donna will give you the key to your room Motel 666 key tag with bat (EtsyKo-fi)
  • New from Rack and Pinion is All Work and No Play Shining Typewriter Carpet Pattern on Etsy
  • Amie of LolaCrowCrossStitch on Etsy released Halloween Ghost, but it’s okay because they are adorable
  • New pastel goth patterns from The Cozy Needle A Witch’s Collection and Halloween Space Cat on Etsy
  • Anna of UnaBuenaPieza on Etsy just added Enchanted Forest III part of a ghost in a cloche series
  • The Laurel Witch says there is plenty of room on the Witch Mountain Homestead living off the grid, growing our own food, and surrounded by pets – count me in!
  • The Mary Shelley SAL by StitchXLove is over which means the full pattern is now available (Ko-fiEtsy)
  • Jen of The Stitch Crypt is now on Patreon at, check out their membership tiers


  • Tonya of The Debaucherous Needle has several new debaucherous quotes for you in her Etsy shop
  • Kits kits kits! Make great gifts or are perfect for beginners especially those who like cheeky sayings, from ABITStitches on Etsy
  • Nicole of The Nerdy Mama’s Craft Corner just released I Need Space to her Etsy store with a cute hidden message

Modern / Contemporary

  • If you love owls, mushrooms, and starry nights, then Tiny Modernist has a new pattern for you with Nighttime Owl on their website or paper charts at your LNS
  • Rogue Stitchery added a new bookmark kit to EtsyBooks Are Best Defense
  • Vivsters on Etsy recently added scenic British Beach Huts Vintage Railway Poster
  • Lina from Ukraine just started a Zodiac series in her Etsy shop Sunny Cross Stitches
  • Helen of Fandom Cross Stitchery has a cool, new Pride pattern DNA (websiteEtsy)
  • Andrea of Flossy Fox Shop just released Summertime Magic – Nights at the Lake to her Etsy shop
  • Donna of StitchXLove has some bugs for you, but don’t worry they are cute (Ko-fi)
  • Autumn Lane Stitchery has released their latest monthly pattern series with Lazy Days (websiteEtsy)
  • Kristi of Pixel Pixie Xstitch created her first Pride pattern called Pride Tree available in her Etsy shop

Conventional / Traditional

  • Sandy of The Humble Stitcher recently added Flag Day Parade to her Etsy store, available as paper, PDF, and a needleminder
  • Etsy shop MadameChantillyxxx added a cute nautical pattern The Cat and the Crabs
  • thelittleboot just added Summer on the Farm to their Etsy shop
  • In the Puntini Puntini Etsy store, Paola added Sunflowers make me happy a PDF version of an old chart
  • The French Giraffe has a new 4×4 pattern with Sweet Summer Watermelon Prim in their Etsy shop
  • Julia of Cotton Pixels has a House Sampler pattern in her Etsy store, cute idea!

Stitching with the Housewives

  • Via Priscilla’s Blog: “…a new 12 month series ..Sunflower Fields is the August stitch! You can expect 12 months of bikes in fun seasonal settings!”
  • Dapper Doodads: Freedom Farm on Etsy
  • Tiered Tray Tidbits: Watermelon Seeds on Etsy
  • Their new Month 2 Month series begins with August and heads to shops June 6th, more details on Priscilla’s blog

Samplers / Primitives

  • Samplers and Primitives also added Quaker Rose to their Etsy shop
  • Tap Dancers is a silhouette-style piece new from Long Dog Samplers
  • Lilas Studio recently added Be Mine to their Etsy store
  • Samplers and Primitives has a sweet Summer Quaker-style pattern, see it on Etsy

Best wishes and happy stitches!

From Aunt Kelley and Froggy

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