22 Threads in 2022: Stitch Challenge Kit from KC Needlepoint

The hashtag challenge 20 projects in 2020 was a response to the pandemic when we were quarantined and stuck at home. It was it a popular needlepoint challenge that kept hands and minds busy. 2021 rolled around with some state mandates still in place and many people self-isolating. There was an increasing demand for crafts with many learning new hobbies. KC Needlepoint saw this and began a new challenge with Learn 21 Stitches in 2021. They created a kit with the help of Sara Trucksess from SCT Designs to create a modern sampler. The canvas consisted of a gingham design with a magnolia in the center. The large squares of gingham were perfect for practicing decorative stitches.

Enter 2022 and KC Needlepoint is continuing the challenge with 22 Threads in 2022 in a new kit! It involves 22 thread types and comes with a comprehensive stitch guide “…teaching you all about each fiber- their unique qualities and the best methods to work with them.” This would be a great resource to add to your needlepoint library. The kit also comes with a hand-painted tropical canvas also by Sara that can be finished into a variety of practical items.

Whether you are not feeling the canvas or need a less expensive alternative, I noticed that KC Needlepoint also offers Build Your Stash Kit available on their website. It is a collection of fibers that they typically suggest for projects: whites, blacks, reds, and metallics. This kit also comes with a stitch guide for the fibers from Jinny Barney McAuliffe and includes her favorite uses for them and suitable mesh sizes as well as tips.

Best wishes and happy stitches!

For more of the latest featured posts as well as resources, you can hop on over to Needlepoint here on Frogging News.

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