Learn, Stitch, Celebrate: Stitch4Pride2022 Challenge

“Stitch 4 Pride is a 30-day stitchalong paired with 30 important events and people of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Each day, you will have a learning module where you will be asked to do a small amount of reading, watching, or listening about a different topic. After making your way through the learning module, you can tackle the stitch prompt!” This stitchy (or crafty) event is hosted by Dee of dees20stitches with the main purpose of learning for those of us that want to be a better activist, accomplice, ally to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

This is craftivism “the act of using craft projects as a form of protest or to advance social causes. The projects involved are most often knitting, crocheting, or other forms of needlework.” – Dictionary.com

Dee put together a lot of resources for us to learn more about what has happened in the community and what is still happening. There are lots of good, positive things which we don’t always get to hear about in the news or elsewhere. There are certainly troubling resources in the list too with harm and harassment of the marginalized community also going unnoticed by mainstream media and society. FYI, I would like to point our a trigger warning for the June 2nd prompt.

In their YouTube description and Instagram bio, Dee provides links to a spreadsheet for our daily learning and stitching prompts, a social media package for sharing, and another spreadsheet linked in the June 4th prompt. For some quicks links, see Dee’s linktr.ee/DeeTwenty

You might like this pattern called Pride Patchwork by The Craft Xperimentalist available on their website. Jacob of Modern Folk Embroidery is doing a Pride SAL for charity with Move Forward in Love available on his website. If you need supplies, two shops I like are Mislaid Pages and GaRon Stitchery. But don’t forget to check Dee’s list of designers, sellers, and even Flosstubers in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community!

For more in-depth info watch Dee’s video embedded below. It’s about 25 minutes. For a quick glance, scroll down to the Instagram post to view what’s coming up for the five-ish weeks of this Stitch4Pride2022 Challenge.

For more of the latest featured posts as well as resources, you can hop on over to Cross-Stitch here on Frogging News.

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