Cross Stitch With Dani in a PetSmart Commercial

That’s right, cross-stitch has made it into yet another commercial. Danielle Ginette was hired to create a custom design she would later find out was for a PetSmart Commercial. It had to be photo-realistic and large enough to show up on TV. Not a simple task!

The commercial was for Christmas 2021. Here is Dani holding up her design that the actor has to pretend he is stitching. It had to be incomplete to look like a work-in-progress.

After a short deadline and several sleepless nights, Dani got to deliver her custom cross-stitch work to the set in person. Read more about her story in this embedded Instagram post.

Danielle is a Canadian cross-stitch artist working under the moniker Cross Stitch With Dani. She sells patterns on Etsy and donates a portion of proceeds from each one to different charities. A popular design of hers is The Ultimate DMC Floss Swatch Sorter. It’s like that DMC floss chart that you stitch yourself.

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