Cross-Stitch News March 2022: Subversive

  • New from stephXstitch If It Is To Be Said, So It Be…So It Is (websiteEtsy)
  • How about a bright, cheery F*ck Around and Find Out pattern from Witchsgardencrafts new in their Etsy shop
  • A Curious Twist added Wish You Weren’t Here as a pattern or kit to their Etsy store
  • ABITStitches has two new kits in their Etsy shop Up Your Keister For Easter and Badass Mother Figure
  • I love the Prudence Kitch series StitchByDrey on Etsy, the latest release is Prunundrum
  • From stephXstitch I Could Really Use Some Precedented Times in her Etsy shop (me too)
  • Let’s Eat The Rich with Sleeping Luna Designs new in their Etsy shop

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