Ladybug Made From Plastic Canvas With Moveable Wings

Ladybug plastic canvas pattern – Lama Cross Stitch an Etsy shop

Kate of Lama Cross Stitch continues to slay with yet another 3D plastic canvas project. This time it’s a sweet, not-so-little, ladybug. She or he has moveable layers of wings. Yes layers – watch Kate’s Tiktok video below. And just look at those little antenna!

In her Etsy shop, you will also find a gorgeous fly (I can’t believe I typed that), skeletons, cacti and other projects in plastic canvas. These are all cross-stitch designs, and Kate also has typical cross-stitch patterns for fabric as well.

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@lamacrossstitch hi! In this video I show how I made a ladybug of a #plasticcanvas #crossstitch #sketch #embroidery #valentinesdaygift #crossstitchoftiktok #xstitch #diy ♬ Authentic Privilege – DJ BAI

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