Frog Washi Tape for Your Stitchy Journals

It is Wednesday my dudes and therefore a celebration of frogs and toads or is it for Wednesday. No one knows anymore. Except for the toads, and they only scream.

Anyway, take a look at this cute frog washi tape. Look at it! These frogs are very cute and very busy – much like you. If you’re the planner type, then you might like to decorate with some frogs. The washi frogs sure are doing a lot but not really helpful when it comes to planning. Maybe they are worth it just for a smile?

If you’re still in the market for a planner/calendar/journal, here a few popular ones:

Froggy Frogs Washi Tape sold by RobotDanceBattle an Etsy shop

We hope you don’t have to frog your work, but if you do remember that Froggy loves you. Here’s more Wednesday’s Frog to make you smile or rippit.

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