Rosena Disery 1820 Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern

Arlene of WorksByABC reproduced a sampler by a young black woman, but there’s lots more to that story…

Rosena Disery 1820 Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern – WorksByABC Etsy shop

I wrote very little of my own words here because I want the focus to be on what Latisha wrote in her Instagram post and Arlene’s video of how this reproduction came to be.

Arlene Cohen shares a fascinating story behind this reproduction in her ‘Flosstube’ video. See below. She goes over how she created the pattern, how she came to reproduce it, and what research she could find on Rosena Disery.

“New in 2022! I am so excited to be sharing Rosena Disery 1820 with all of you! Rosena stitched her sampler in 1820 at the New York African Free School. It is one of very few samplers known to have been stitched by a Black girl. It is in the collection of the New York Historical Society and they have given me permission to reproduce it.” – Arlene Cohen WorksByABC

Not only that, Arlene was inspired to reproduce the sample because of Latisha the_crafty_curator of who was made aware of this unique sampler made by a young Black woman but couldn’t find a reproduction to stitch. Read her inspiring story in this Instagram post.

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