Aromatherapy Frog from Etsy Shop Candlesniffer

It is Wednesday my dudes and what better way to experience a Wednesday than with this soy candle with depictions of frogs doing yoga. It is made by Etsy shop Candlesniffer. They offer a lot of unusual scents? Labels?

I did get this candle for myself mostly because of the frogs with their bulgy eyes doing yoga. The hubby and I have started doing yoga ourselves for the new year but easy stuff that is more about stretching. The scent of this candle is lavender, lemon, and cedar which I’m hoping will be great and not smell like a bog lol.

Aromatherapy frog soy candle by Candlesniffer on Etsy

We hope you don’t have to frog your work, but if you do remember that Froggy loves you. Here’s more Wednesday’s Frog to make you smile or rippit.

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