Start A Daily Embroidery Journal for 2022

Sophie O’Neill is thestircrazycrafter on Tiktok and Instagram, and while she isn’t the first to create a daily embroidery journal she does explain it very well and is also pretty good at answering questions from viewers. Sophie says she stitches one icon a day for every day of the year. The icons represent something about that day.

Check out this fairly viral Tiktok Sophie made on where to start and what supplies you will need. She mentions in the comments that the fabric gets divided into 12 sections for every month of the year. If you are new at hand embroidery or need more help, you can read her blog The Stir-Crazy Crafter. The posts cover supplies, setting up, how to create the icons, and spacing.

Sophie and her work were recently featured in The Spruce which has more tips as well as Better Homes & Gardens!


An embroidery journal represents your year in a series of stitches – want to start your own? Then here’s a supplies list for 2022.

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Embroidery books for creating motifs:

For past featured patterns and ideas, you can head to Hand Embroidery here on Frogging News.

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