Nordic Cross-Stitch Patterns of Video Game Controllers

Classic Nordic patterns meets modern but retro in these cross-stitch designs of video game controllers from Jessica of The Needle & Floss.

While it sounds like a mouthful, these Nordic cross-stitch patterns from The Needle & Floss are simply sweet. Nordic patterns are known for its star and repeating motifs, and I love how Jessica incorporated roses into the grips of the PlayStation controller.

With such sweet simplicity, these cross-stitch designs should be a quick stitch and a great present! The shop has patterns for PlayStation, N64, Switch, Xbox 360, and a Super Nintendo controller.

More from Jessica of The Needle & Floss:

I agree here with Jessica – I have played on PS2 the most: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Kingdom Hearts, and lots of PS1 games 😀

For past featured patterns, please head to Cross-Stitch here on Frogging News.

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