The Stella Light is the #1 Gift for Stitchers

Stella Lamps have been really popular with stitchers, crafters, and sewists this year. The lamps have been showing up in blog posts, social media, and YouTube videos. I saw it first on Priscilla and Chelsea’s channel of Stitching with the Housewives. The lamps have three, light modes, 10 levels of dimming, flexible necks and with the Stella Go battery-powered lamp, you can even charge your phone.

The team at Stella Lighting says their task lamps are the brightest in the marketplace. Maybe that’s a little too bright? That’s ok because there are three modes: warm, natural, or cool light. On their About Page, Nathan Wiedenmann Founder talks about the light was originally invented for children with the warm mode helping them wind down to bedtime. In fact, Stella Lighting is named for the Wiedenmann’s youngest daughter.

Currently, Stella Lighting is sold in all 50 state and many countries, but also in the About Page Wiedenmann talks about trying to get the company off the ground. “In the early days, I went door to door selling to quilt shops out of the back of my pick-up up and down the Interstate 5 corridor; Southern California to northern Washington State.” I bet I passed him on the freeway a time or two!

Nathan was recently interviewed on Pointing It Out Podcast with Melissa if you want to check that out.

Stella Original Premium LED Desk Task Lamp

Stella Lighting Store on Amazon

Stella Lighting Stella SKY TWO Floor Light

Stella Light Store on Amazon

The Stella Lighting store on Amazon has the original Stella Lamps but not the portable, chargeable Stella Go. It looks like you can purchase through the Stella Lighting website, AdaptiVision, Fat Quarter Shop, or check you local needlework shop. See how the Stella Go lamp works in this marketing video.

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