Fans of Cowboy Bebop: Bad Stitch has a Cross-Stitch Pattern for You

I fully admit to jumping on the bandwagon with Cowboy Bebop. I started watching the anime dubbed-version until the live-action came out on Netflix. Love me some John Cho. After binging that, I plan to finish the anime. At any rate, I plan to stitch this pattern from Amanda of Bad Stitch. “You’re gonna carry that weight.” Indeed.

Amanda is an OG fan of the anime and says this is her tribute. Aside from the quote, she included the ship, Swordfish, and the color scheme from the opening credits. Just so you know, this pattern has a lower price because it has not been test stitched yet. Maybe I can start that tonight 😉

From the description:

  • PDF digital file
  • 5 DMC colors
  • 80 x 80 stitches
  • Best if black or dark colored fabric is used
  • On 14ct – 5 3/4th x 5 3/4th – fits 6 inch hoop
  • On 16ct – 5” x 5” – fits 5 inch hoop
  • On 18ct – 4 ½” x 4 ½”- fits 5 inch hoop

It looks like a quick stitch and would make an excellent gift for the Cowboy Bebop fan in your life!

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