You’re Next: A Cross-Stitch Pattern

Happy Black Friday weekend I guess. FYI, ABIT Stitches says this murdery pattern is their most popular one: You’re Next. Seems legit.

Here in the US we just had our Thanksgiving. How was yours? Did you have to deal with any annoying relatives and their ‘theories’. And maybe now you’re feeling a little less thankful and a little more stabby? If so, I found your next cross-stitch pattern. It’s called You’re Next, and it’s from the awesome team at ABIT Stitches (A Bitch in Time Stitches). Interestingly enough, they said this was a very popular pattern… ABIT are also a family team, so they understand and have a whole slough of passive-aggressive, snarky designs for you to identity with.

Maybe you just want to stitch You’re Next as therapy: “Pop on your favourite true crime documentary and stab stab stab your way through this pattern.” See what I mean! They get you.

Or maybe you want to give as a gift. Hey no judgement from me or ABIT Stitches. They’ve got your back because they also do fully-finished designs now. It will be stitched on a custom piece of aida fabric. The bloody handprint is the cherry on top. Make sure to check with them on Etsy for a return time.

“We’ve heard we’re a little…bitchy. And, oh mama, that’s true! Especially me. But we come by it honestly! There are generations of bitches in our blood!” -Tara K. Reed, ABIT Stitches

To begin with, Tara and family are Canadian. Can you imagine living in a country known for having the nicest people in the world with those bloodlines? Yikes. Well, it turns out to be a good thing for us because the Reeds have mastered the art of passive-aggressiveness. They have more designs sold individually in their Etsy shop. Or check out their book A Bitch in Time: 30 Snarcastic Stitches for You to Stab which is a collection of their designs. Would make a great gift too!

Where to find ABIT Stitches:

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