Ornament Display Stands are Great for Embroidery Hoops

Check out Amazon for a nice selection of these ornament display stands that also double as embroidery displays.

I first saw these on The Kitschy Stitcher’s Instagram. Sara is an embroidery artist, and we just wrote about her top selling Christmas pattern. I noticed she was getting a lot of questions about the display stands and where. Sara mentioned they came from Amazon, so I thought I would take a look and share what might go with 6 or 8 inch embroidery hoops.

Ornament Display Heart Stand Iron

This stand is heart shaped with a sturdy wood base and rotatable hook. Also has good reviews.

Hallmark Keepsake Gilded Leaves Gold-Tone Ornament Display Stand

Hallmark brand – so that’s nice. Love the decorative leaves.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Princess Display Stand, Porcelain

Another Hallmark stand. This one is meant for the Disney Princess line, but this would perfect especially as a part of a gift.

Bard’s Wrought Iron Ornament Stand

Ooh this one is spendy, but it says it’s wrought iron. The reviews say it’s very sturdy. Would be great as part of a Halloween vignette.

Terrarium Ornament Display Stand Metal

A simple round shape with a good, wood base.

Bard’s Ornate Gold-Toned Ornament Stand

This one is from Bard’s brand too. Nice round shape, but probably for a 6 inch hoop. Decorative base.

Or silver-toned.

YY YEARCHY Ornament Display Hanger Rack Stand

This quarter moon shape is lovely. Might be better with 6 inch or 4 inch hoops.

That wraps it up for now. These are the ornament display stands that caught me eye. There simpler ones on Amazon and some also in packs. If you look for more, just keep an eye on dimensions. Some are on the smaller side. I love less traditional finishing and display ideas, so I hope you found some inspiration too.

For more finishing ideas and inspiration, head to the main menu at the top of Frogging News and look for Cross-Stitch or Hand Embroidery.

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