Tamagotchi Needlepoint Canvas from Olivia Grace Needlepoint

How cute is this Tamagotchi needlepoint canvas painted by Olivia Grace Needlepoint!

“modern // whimsical // colorful // fun” That’s what Olivia’s Instagram bio says, and I wholeheartedly agree. On her website, you will also find canvases for Beanie Babies, fair rides, donuts, and a few drinks 😉

Remember Tamagotchi? It was super popular in the 1990s. I actually worked at Toys R Us during that time, and they just flew off the shelves. They still make Tamagotchis today. They have color screens and wi-fi connectivity, but those don’t look the same. This canvas would make a great finished ornament as a gift for that ’90s baby! They would be getting a bit of nostalgia and no egg to actually take care. Two presents in one 🙂

Find Olivia Grace Needlepoint at:

Shop the Tamagotchi Store on Amazon.

If the ’90s weren’t your decade, head on over to Needlepoint also found in the main menu and look for Shop Canvases to find your own style.

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