Colorful Ornaments Christmas Embroidery by The Kitschy Stitcher

Sara Shoemaker aka The Kitschy Stitcher shares her top selling Christmas pattern.

Sara of The Kitschy Stitcher is a fabulous embroidery artist who combines colored pencil work into her designs. I’ve been experimenting with crayons but would love to try pencils. Will talk more about that in another post. Today I thought we would focus on a particular pattern of hers because it is the winter holiday season, and Sara said that this Christmas lights/ornaments pattern has been a top seller for weeks.

This PDF pattern has nice, easy satin stitches that are perfect for a beginner. The colors can be changed, and the red and white twine can be twisted embroidery floss. There many metallics and fun fibers on the market that can bring shine or use Sara’s palate for a more retro look. The possibilities with a pattern like this…

For more of Sara’s designs:

Colorful Ornaments Christmas Embroidery Pattern by TheKitschyStitcher on Etsy

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