File Folder Floss Storage by Obsessive Crafty Dabbler

Brenda of Obsessive Crafty Dabbler shares her pros and cons of having a file folder system for her embroidery floss storage.

Back to the age old question of how to store your embroidery floss. I tend to change my system every few years. I want a super easy system which for means no bobbin winding. On the other hand, I’m kind of jealous of the bobbinators who are happy and content. Me apparently: “I don’t want peace! Only problems! Always!”

Not that this technique of floss storage is new, but I like what Brenda had to say about. She gives us pros and cons in this updated video and shares the original post for when she started. Her new system is almost a year old, so plenty of time to get a feel for and make changes as needed.

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Thanks Brenda for showing us your system!

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