Bargello-a-GoGo Advent Calendar 2021

Natalie of Bargello-a-GoGo is introducing her first advent calendar which includes a collection of tapestry yarn and Bargello patterned projects!

Bargello is an old form of needlepoint from the 17th century that time-warped itself into the 1970’s. This form of needlework was embraced for it’s contrasting colors and wavy designs. Now, I would say Bargello needlework never went away. It just changed in form to become more subtle – maybe in ombré shades rather than stark designs and had softer curves.

Let’s do the time warp again! Thus enters Natalie of Bargello-a-GoGo. A lovely fiber arts designer from United Kingdom who embraces vintage fashion and wants to bring the Bargello style to modern stitchers. Read more about Natalie on her blog: Why I created the Bargello-a-GoGo Advent Calendar

Bargello itself is a very pleasing and cathartic form of needlepoint. Getting the stitch count is important, but once you’ve laid down that foundation row the rest will follow. Since this is a kit, it would make a great gift! Purchase soon, and keep in mind that it ships from the UK.

You can order through the website. Don’t scroll down over there if you don’t want to see the projects yet!


Don’t watch the unboxing if you want to be surprised!

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