Dyed Bottle Brush Trees

For fall and winter style, add dyed bottle brush trees to your tiered trays or stitchy vignettes.

This post is largely inspired by Sarah of Apricot Polkadot. She has a great tutorial on her blog showing you how easy it to dye your own bottle brush trees to get a custom look. Sarah does a lot with fiber arts, and scrolling through her rainbow gallery of Instagram posts is very cathartic. Check out the tutorial on her website.

Sarah recommends getting trees made from sisal and not synthetic fibers because they can’t be dyed. She also suggests getting white trees if you can find them to avoid the bleaching process.

You can skip the dyeing process altogether if you’re not into crafting.

Tara of FlamingoMade on Etsy has a lot of options for color and sizes. Take a look at their shop for more.

Make sure to check your local dollar store for bottle brush trees too. Did you know Dollar Tree has an online store? For something like this, they have to sell in bundles of 20. That’s probably great if you plan on dyeing your own trees. They look like sisal to me tho.

Michaels certainly has a colorful selection, but Apricot Polkadot warns that they carry some that are synthetic which can’t be dyed. Don’t forget check out Sarah’s tutorial for an Amazon link for a variety of bottle brush trees!

Best wishes and happy stitches!

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