Craft Room Inspiration from Jan Hicks

Do you follow Jan Hicks? I mean do you really follow Jan Hicks? 🙂 After having lived in their RV fulltime for awhile, Jan and hubby and cats have settled in Idaho. And in a real house! Jan was nice enough to share her craft room and some unique ideas for storage.

Jan is using magazine racks to hold charts or kitted projects. Her cross-stitch fabrics are loaded onto skirt hangars. And her DMC collection is on a spinner rack. She also utilizes her old jewelry armoire for more craft storage. Neat! Check Jan’s Instagram posts or Flosstube embedded below. The craft room tour starts at 1:06 fyi.

Jan of Jan Hicks Creates is a cross-stitch designer typically for traditional samplers, but she also has modern designs. Follow her at:

For more inspiration from Stitch Influencers, you can head to the top of Frogging News and select Cross-Stitch from the main menu. And get your fill of Patterns, Resources, and Supplies!

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