Cross-Stitch Finishing Blanks from Starry Nights Studio

When you don’t know how you want to finish you’re cross-stitch piece, Alissa owner and creator at Starry Nights Studio has some solutions for you.

Alissa of Starry Nights has a website, but utilizes Etsy as her shop. She offers ornament blanks, tags, tiered tray blocks, and flat folds or easels. In a description on the wood blocks for tiered trays, Alissa says she was inspired by Priscilla of Stitching with the Housewives 🙂 What a great addition to the cross-stitch community!

These finishing blanks aren’t really blank at all. The backing pieces are either made from sturdy materials wood or mat board and covered in popular fabrics. The shop owner offers fabric choices in many different colorways like greens or reds and also seasonal options. Twine is added or things like ornaments. Wherever the wood shows it is either whitewashed or painted red or white.

Not only does Alissa sell these creative pieces, she also offers a finishing service. Her fully finished commissions involve multiple layering and braided cords. Check out her website for more or take a look at her Instagram where she posts client’s finished pieces.

Alissa of Starry Nights Studio:

For more ideas in Finishing, you can head to the top of Frogging News and select Cross-Stitch from the main menu. Then look for Accessories.

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