Stitch Samplers: Hand Embroidery Kits for Beginners

Learn hand embroidery through these stitch sampler kits. When finished, you can keep it has a handy reference. These also make great gifts!

These specific kits are great because a stitcher can practice and keep the finished piece as a reference. These also make great gifts especially combined with a book with more projects and a beautiful new pair of embroidery scissors.

I have carefully vetted this roundup of hand embroidery kits for beginners. There’s quite a few listings for embroidery kits that say beginner when it really isn’t. There also a few that are great for beginners but doesn’t have it as a keyword. So this collection is all sampler-styled and focused on the stitches not patterns. To make it a good kit for beginners, it has to have everything a newbie needs and should also include needles and an embroidery hoop.

Since shipping is such an issue anymore and because these are physical patterns, I’ve sorted these alphabetically by the country that it is shipping out from.

These all are from Etsy, but I will continue to keep an eye out for off-Etsy kits with the same attributes.

Embroidery kit Mandala blue

  • seller: Bijoudebroderie
  • ships from Canada
  • also available in red

Double Beginner Embroidery Kit

  • seller: TheComptoir
  • ships from France
  • also offers a trio with leaf work

Stitch sampler embroidery kit

  • seller: Junglembroidery
  • ships from The Netherlands
  • also available in red

Rainbow Embroidery Sampler Kit

  • seller: SamanthaClaridgeShop
  • ships from United Kingdom
  • pleasing rainbow design

Hexagon Sampler Starter Kit for Hand Embroidery

  • seller: StitchdoodlesDesign
  • ships from United Kingdom
  • choose from 3 hexagon designs

Beginner Embroidery Kit

  • seller: NeedlessDesigns
  • ships from United Kingdom
  • one of the most popular on Etsy

DIY embroidery kit for beginners – Rainbow

  • seller: EmBeaRoidery
  • ships from United Kingdom
  • it’s a rainbow 🙂

Modern Embroidery Kit

  • seller: NogPepperMe
  • ships from United Kingdom
  • printed fabric

Beginners Hand Embroidery Starter Kit

  • seller: ShopWildflowerFox
  • ships from United States
  • choices for floss colorways

Stitch Sampler Full Kit Beginner Hand Embroidery

  • seller: littledear
  • ships from United States
  • floral pattern for practice

For beginning, intermediate, or advanced stitchers, head to the top of Frogging News and select Hand Embroidery from the main menu. Then search the directories or posts for more patterns, kits, and other resources.

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