New from Hands Across the Sea Samplers: Maria Vincenza Laricchia 1837

The lovely people at Hands Across the Sea have just listed an Italian sampler a rare find for the area. Stitched by little Maria Vincenza Laricchia in 1837.

The redwork, antique sampler is available on Hands Across the Sea website as:

Their product listings always have in-depth description, thread legend, linen size, and stitch guide. In the case of this sampler, it is described as coming from the Puglia area of Italy and possible finished when Maria was 10-years-old. The part I love most about the folx that collect antique samplers is that they will research genealogy of the little girls that stitched these pieces and let us know what happened to them. There’s also a little bit about the history of textiles in Italy.

The thread legend and linen size have alternative suggestions for our various stitchy preferences. And the stitch guide includes graphics that show how little Maria stitched her sampler.

“The model has been lovingly stitched by the Contented Stitcher. At the very core of Hands Across the Sea Samplers there is a team of needleworkers who are passionate about antique samplers and being able to share those samplers with you.”

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