Sweater Weather Hand Embroidery Kit or PDF by NeedlessDesigns

We’re heading into Sweater Weather, so get ready with this fun hand-embroidery design in a kit or PDF by NeedlessDesigns on Etsy.

Sweater Weather Hand Embroidery Pattern by Needless Designs on Etsy

Ooh this pattern is hot! Or is it cold? Either way it’s time for Sweater Weather a fun design with different embroidery stitches for each sweater. It comes from Sandra Cho on Etsy. Her shop is called NeedlessDesigns and offers a lot of great hand embroidery patterns especially for beginners. Sandra says Sweater Weather is for those wanting a little bit more of a challenge though.

The kit or PDF comes with photos and instructions. The kit ships from Canada fyi. You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with their other seasonal patterns.

Head to Sandra’s shop NeedlessDesigns to:

For more designs and resources, you always head to the Hand Embroidery tab on the main menu here on Frogging News.

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