The Royal Frog Square Print

It is Wednesday my dudes. Revel at this dapper prince of a frog. It is an art print by Kat of kxtsart on Etsy.

Look at him! Let his amphibious eyes pierce your soul…

The Royal Frog Square Print by kxtsart on Etsy

Aunt Kelley chose an art print for Wednesday’s Frog. I had a cross-stitch pattern picked out on Etsy, but this glorious beast was taunting me. You can thank Kat of kxtsart an Etsy shop who has several frog prints 😉

From the description:

“A print of an original acrylic painting – a noble Prince Frog, looking dapper as ever in his very own portrait.”

  • Paper Type: Unicorn White
  • Paper Weight: Heavy (300-350 gsm)
  • Size: 148 mm x 148 mm (6″ by 6″)
  • Purchase on Etsy

Wednesday’s Frog is about finding stitch happiness even if you have to rip out your work. Frogging is still stitching, so don’t let it get you down. Rippet! Rippet real good!

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