Holiday Cups Collection from Rachel Donley Needlepoint Designs

Mocha, latte, frappe, tea, or hot chocolate? Get your favorite holiday cup in the latest design from Rachel Donley Needlepoint Designs.

Scroll to see a few of the latest painted canvases from Rachel Donley and her Holiday Cups Collection. These are freshly brewed for the fall markets of 2021. There are two blue cups one of which says tea, and a pretty pumpkin spice cup. I like pumpkin spice mochas just not from Starbucks. Not my fav.

You can see Rachel’s entire collection on her website. I don’t have any direct links for you to purchase, but check your local needlework store to see if they can get these canvases. You can also check Rachel’s website under Events to see which shops have trunk shows for Rachel Donley Needlepoint Designs.

It also looks like you get a chart included with the canvas to add your name near the top of the cup like they do at the coffee shop. Cute! I love little details like this. I do believe these are painted on 18 mesh canvas and measure about 5″ by 3.5″.

Happy holidays!

For more of the latest designs, please visit Needlepoint in the main menu at the top of Frogging News.

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