Spider Embroidery Pattern from Paraffle Embroidery

Check out this spooky spider and web from Sammy of Paraffle Embroidery. Perfect for Halloween or anytime if you love spiders.

I actually love this too-real looking embroidery spider, but never in a million years would I stitch it. How about you? If yes, you can purchase the spider pattern on Sammy’s website Paraffle Embroidery. On that same page, you can download the free pattern for the web. If no but you are as impressed as I am, you can follow Sammy on Instagram for some process pics and video.

Sammy has a few suggestions as how to display your spider and one for maybe making it a patch on your clothes. Can you imagine people thinking it’s real though and smacking you to get it off lol.

From the description: “For this project, you’ll need: grey fabric; DMC thread (colours 434, 310, and 422); a 3 inch hoop; a needle, and transfer paper (either printable, or carbon paper).” The pattern comes as a PDF and includes instructions.

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