All About Needles from Embroidery Artist faimyxstitch

Kseniia, the embroidery artist behind faimyxstitch, has put together a fairly in-depth series about needles via her Instagram.

The thing I love about having this kind of blog is that I can focus on what designers and makers are doing and share their various perspectives. Stitchers typically have a strong opinion on needles in particular, and they definitely don’t all agree – which is totally fine and part of the point.

Kseniia’s series is great because she explains needle types and sizes and helps to help figure out what is best for YOU. She also has an extensive library of tutorials on her YouTube channel! So make sure to swipe the posts for examples and read the text underneath.

In Part One: Kseniia covers types of needles and what they are used for.

Part Two is how to choose the best needle for your project.

Part Three is cleaning and storing embroidery needles.

Part Four is about other kinds of needles for various craft projects.

Kseniia aka faimyxstitch is a self-taught artist originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her embroidery work typically features architectural and floral patterns which you can find in her Etsy shop. Check out her website where she has online courses, and more tips.

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