Stitch Your Story: An Embroidery Art Installation by Jamie Chalmers

Stitch Your Story, produced by Jamie Chalmers, is one part of many that makes up the larger British Textile Biennial 2021 a textile art exhibition.

“The British Textile Biennial throws a spotlight on the nation’s creativity, innovation and expression in textiles against the backdrop of the impressive infrastructure of the cotton industry in Pennine Lancashire.” – BTB About Us page

For this year’s exhibition the BTB broadened the story of textiles that would span continents and time. They invited people to share their textile artwork as part of a tour around East Lancashire in England. Jamie Chalmers aka Mr. X Stitch produced and curated Stitch Your Story and called for submissions from stitchers around the world. They were asked to “…share their own story of migration and belonging in a crowdsourced collection of stitched hoops – featuring people’s journeys and reflections on their personal heritage.” – Jamie Chalmers

Jamie’s portion of the exhibit can be seen at Blackburn Cathedral in Lancashire for the month of October 2021. It can also be viewed online. Please see:

I have enjoyed seeing these individual pieces on Instagram. Jamie includes the inspiration from the artist as each piece was required to have anyway. I wonder each time what mine might have been like.

Jamie Chalmers is also a publisher and curator of XStitch Magazine a modern cross-stitch magazine. He is the author of a book The Mr. X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch. Jamie has a website and blog where he interviews and showcases textile artists who push the boundaries of the hoop.

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