Yarn-A-Day Bargello Advent Calendar Gift Set 2021 by Hello Bargello

Order soon for this Bargello Gift Set because they get mailed out in November of 2021!

Brett Bara of Hello Bargello is the creator of this online shop and is dedicated to the revival of Bargello needlepoint. Bargello patterns are made with an upright straight stitch that vary in length to create waves or zigzags. Since 2018, Brett began combing DMC tapestry wool with plastic canvas in order to make home décor items that require a bit of structure or stiffness like sunglass cases, potted plant wraps, handbags, and modern tissue box covers.

Not only is it in a beautiful stylized box, the Hello Bargello Advent Calendar contains 24 curated colors of DMC tapestry wool to countdown the days until Christmas. The gift set also contains a booklet of five unique mini-patterns to stitch, two sheets of 10-count plastic canvas, and tapestry needles. If your stitcher is new to Bargello, the Hello Bargello website also has tutorials.

The links:

Just a word of caution from Aunt Kelley: If your stitcher has been doing needlepoint for awhile, I would make sure they don’t already have a separate collection of tapestry wool other than DMC like Appletons Wool for instance. Some stitchers like to stick with certain brands, but that’s certainly not always the case.

Best wishes and happy stitches!

How beautiful! For more on what to get the stitcher in your life, head to Gift Ideas here on Frogging News.

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