Trying to Keep Up with Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch

Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch has a new book, new website, a new studio in the works, and more!

I follow Julie of Subversive Cross Stitch on Instagram, and she just keeps posting things she’s working on. I was trying to keep track in my head. Perhaps it’s time to go ahead and write a post about it which I had been meaning to do anyway.

But first, some background. Subversive Cross Stitch is more than a subgenre of cross-stitch, it is the name of Julie’s company. She has been doing snarky and sweary cross-stitch for almost 20 years when she stitched her very first f-bomb in frustration due to a terrible boss. Julie had published pattern books in 2006 and 2015. Her subversive designs have been featured in the press and publications, and she has done collaborations with companies to make greeting cards, calendars, and ‘dirty’ dish sponges with the website Fred.

Now onto the projects!

That’s right! Julie has a new book coming out October 19th, 2021 Super Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 Fresh as F*ck Designs.

They have a newly, redesigned website, and if I’m being honest I would agree that it needed updating 😉

In September of this year, Julie began a Kickstarter with a $5,000 goal to turn their garage into SCS headquarters. They certainly reached their goal before the deadline and received a little over $23k. Nice!

Subversive Cross Stitch has been selling kits forever, but their offering of supplies to continues to grow. They now carry Chasing Threads a company that makes stitchable traveling products like passport covers available on their website.

Early in the year, Julie did a collab with Jenny Lawson The Bloggess. Julie made patterns from quotes in Jenny’s new book Broken (in the best possible way).

There certainly may be more that Julie and co. have been up to. I do try to keep up, but she’s running circles around me. And this last one may not be a big deal, but now Subversive Cross Stitch carries sew-on rhinestones. Perfect for skulls or cats! Also, I just think they’re neat.

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