Halloween Frog Cross Stitch Chart

It is Wednesday my dudes. This chubby frog is part of a Halloween chart of 16 designs from TinyCrossStitchCo on Etsy.

“… cute chubby frog has escaped the cauldron to model for one of 9 individual Halloween motifs.” They’ve added more so there’s 16 now.

  • PDF digital download
  • 64 by 64 stitches

Purchase on Etsy: Halloween Frog Cross Stitch Chart by TinyCrossStitchCo

“… each spine tingling design is still small enough to be used alone for mini creations.”

  • PDF digital download
  • 250 by 250 stitches

Purchase on Etsy: Modern Halloween Cross Stitch Charts by TinyCrossStitchCo

When Clare’s says her designs are tiny, she means it. Check out more of her Etsy shop for all of the tiniest cross-stitch patterns you will ever see!

Wednesday’s Frog is about finding stitch happiness even if you have to rip out your work. Frogging is still stitching, so don’t let it get you down. Rippet! Rippet real good!

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