Free Gothic Cross-Stitch Patterns from The Witchy Stitcher

Gothic, horror, witchy, Halloweeny… Yes, those are all different. The benevolent Witchy Stitcher has blessed us with free gothic cross-stitch patterns.

Quick link: Go to The Witchy Stitcher Freebies

The Witchy Stitcher: Fibre for the strange and unusual. Does that refer to the patterns or us? A few favorites of mine are the Blood Moon with it’s witchy knowledge, Witch for it’s green and purple, Sad Pumpkin, Majestic Albert, and Boosheet which was 2020. Be sure and sign up for the newsletter on the bottom of their site. And follow the enchanting Witchy Stitcher:

While The Witchy Stitcher is widely know for their SALs like Cryptids and Chopping Mall, but did you also know they also have:

  • patterns (you probably knew that)
  • kits (well I didn’t know that)
  • stitching goodies (witchy fabric, blood-splattered fabric, needleminders)
  • oddities? (I thought we’d see something really odd, but it’s totes bags and prints 😉 )

For more “October should be all year”, you can always head to the top of Frogging News and select Cross-Stitch from the main menu. Then select Patterns.

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