With Facebook and Instagram Down, It’s a Good Time to Make a Reddit Account

Facebook and Instagram are down. While that gets sorted out, Reddit is the next best option for stitchers to share, learn, and be with your community.

“Sure Jan.”

Several news outlets and experts like Cisco’s internet analysis division ThousandEyes on Twitter said the outage is due to Domain Name Servers failure. The DNS translates website names to IP addresses in order to be read by a computer. There are implications that it is not as simple as that the websites are just down. I will keep an eye on the news and update soon.

While incredibly unusual, the fact that it happened it the first place should keep us in check for our reliance on particular platforms. Hopefully those social sites will be up and running soon, but for now and in the future I encourage you to consider a Reddit account. You can view the subreddits, but to post or comment you need an account.

Subreddits are really just communities connected by a single topic like cross-stitch, needlepoint, or hand embroidery. These are highly moderated to make it a safe place for stitchers to share and chat. If you are a designer or store owner, you have to be careful about self promotion.

My favorite subreddit is this one created by GrandmaBeWildin which is r/StitchersofReddit. It is set up differently than the larger ones and does allow for self promotion. She also recently created a chat room which is helpful during outages like these.

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