Mimic Chest a Plastic Canvas Pattern

Update: Ekaterina is a brilliant Russian designer who lost her Etsy account due to the war. Her shop Lama Cross Stitch is now Smasterilli. She is working on her own website, but for now you can check out her link bio to find her patterns.

Kick open the door and loot the room. No wait! The chest is a mimic, and it just ate your face off! You can thank LamaCrossStitch for that.

Mimic chest cross stitch pattern PDF by LamaCrossStitch an Etsy shop

Just kidding. Yes it is a chest with teeth, but it’s really plastic canvas pattern from Kate of LamaCrossStitch on Etsy. And you just rolled a 20 because it dropped it’s loot. Huzzah! This cute little box would be great as an ort jar or as a dice box. I’d probably make mine purple though 😉 Would also make a cool gift!

Don’t worry this little guy won’t hurt you… unless you’re new to constructing with plastic canvas. It’s easy once you get the hang of it, but to start you off Kate also has some tutorials with this pattern. It also just uses a simple cross-stitch. Let’s look at some deets:

  • PDF digital download
  • Step by step tutorial with photos and instructions
  • Designed for 10 count of plastic canvas
  • 6 DMC floss colors
  • 6 cm in height (2.36 inches), 8 cm in width (3.14 inches)

Purchase the Mimic Pattern on Etsy, but check out the rest of her shop. She has cross-stitch on aida and more patterns on plastic canvas.

Kate also has a Tiktok video showing the work process. Nice!


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♬ Cafe Music: Smooth Jazz – Ken Nakagawa

Too scary? I get ya. You can find more patterns by heading to the top of Frogging News and select Plastic Canvas from the main menu. Then kick down the door of all of the rooms and see what loot you can find.

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